Who are we?

 RockN’5L Rodeo Company-Junior Pro Division is a youth rodeo association for youth up to age 18 (19 if still in high school ). We are sanctioned with IMRA.

Our Divisions

Our age divisions are as follows:

  • Tiny Tots [5 & under]
  • Peewee [6-8 yr old]
  • Juniors [9-11 yr old]
  • Seniors [12-14 yr old]
  • Super Seniors [15-18 yr old unless still in high school]

** All divisions are ages as of January 1st that rodeo season **

Our Events

We offer the following events:

  • Mutton Busting
  • Calf Riding
  • Breakaway Roping
  • Barrels
  • Poles
  • Goat Tying
  • Goat tail untying
  • Chute Dogging
  • Saddle Bronc Riding
  • Bareback Bronc Riding
  • Bull Riding
  • Team Roping (must call-in with partner)
  • Tie-Down Roping
  • Steer Wrestling (must have a hazer)
  • Ranch Bronc Riding
  • Sorting (must call-in with partner)

Mission Statement

Here at 5L Rodeo Junior Pro Division it is our mission to grow the sport of rodeo and bring back character that we feel the sport has lost through the years.


  1. Grow the sport of rodeo
  2. Prepare our athletes for the next level
  3. Instill character in the sport and our contestants

Plan of Action


Growing the Sport

To grow our sport, we must grow the number of our contestants and fan base.


To grow our contestant numbers at the professional level we must start at the youth level we set forth with a goal of preparing your child to be successful at the next level- For our young men and women that will be Jr high division/ for our Jr high division that will be high school division/ high school division that will be either college or ultimately professional.


Prepare the Athlete


We are committed to provide the appropriate stock, experienced personnel, knowledgeable mentors, and willing to dedicate countless hours to your child’s success.


Instill Character


Character is something that is usually inherited and not taught. Good character consists of many things. We believe there are 6 major things one must have to show character.

1. Honesty

2. Work Ethic

3. Take Responsibility for ones own actions.

4. Willingness to help yourself and others.

5. Doing all things with a good attitude.

6. Setting good examples.


From Us to You

As in everything we do, rodeo will always have complaints and concerns from the contestants, parents, fans, personnel etc.


 5L youth division is a new entity. With all new things there’s growing periods and learning curves. 

We are not by any means claiming to be perfect or even always right. We do not live in a make believe land where we believe we have it all figured out.

We as a whole (5LYD) give our heart and soul to this association. That being said we can’t do it alone, we are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but the ones with suggestions and criticism (complaints) must be willing to do their part to help with those issues and understand that everything never works best for everyone. Some complaints we hear is how long the rodeo lasts. We have hundreds of entries per rodeo. Youth Rodeos make for long days when children (our contestants) work multiple events on the timed event side and roughstock end of the arena.



We offer staggering times to pay fees determined by event worked. 

We will be meeting with personnel to get more efficient.



Help have contestants/horse ready.

Purchase your own equipment, sharing takes time. Donate time at Rodeo.


Most of all be understanding and have a good attitude. We all know that bad attitudes are contagious and a cancer to any organized event or even the workplace. Let’s all enjoy not only the success but have fun during the process. (Kids feed from Adults)


-Final note

If strangers are willing to donate 100+ hours a month to the success of your child, is 12 hours of your time a month a lot to donate to your own child’s success?

2024 Board Members

Troy Lanier

Hannah Wyman

Meagan King

Cody Hays

Frankie Matthews

Josh Moon

James Jackson

Jamie Ethridge

Rick Jackson

Hunter Lanier

2024 Directors

Arena Director
Eric Wyman

Assistant Arena Directors
Cody Hays
Meagan King

Rodeo Operations Manager
Hunter Lanier

Stock Operations Manager
Hayden Lanier

Tammy England

2024 Event Directors

Barrels & Poles
Abigail Morgan

Frankie Matthews

Mutton Busting
James Jackson

Rough stock
Jamie Ethridge
James Jackson

Cat & Rick Jackson

Chute Dogging
Jeff Smith

Lil’ Buckaroo Arena
Carly & Andrew Miller

Ranch Sorting
Paul Beck